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What can BallisticGolfTexas do for your tournament?  We provide fundraising opportunities, on course entertainment and an interactive par 3, 4 and par 5 challenge.

How much are your fees?   We have a flat fee determined by the number of players entered in the tournament. Call 214-502-7515 or email the number of players you have signed up to play for pricing.  A $600 minimum for smaller tournaments.  Our travel fee is $100 per hour from outside the DFW area. Call for details on larger tournaments of 200 plus players. 


Is it safe?  â€‹  Safety is our number 1 priority. Yes it is safe and anyone 10 years or older can participate. We actually give a safety orientation before each player shoots and provide safety glasses. We also provide hearing protection if the player chooses to use them. 


How does the AR launch the ball?  We have 2 levels of blank ammo that launch the ball 175 to 200 yards and 350 to 415 yards depending on the angle of the ArmaLite15 and ball

How accurate does it launch the ball?  The ball will hook, slice and go straight just like your regular game. The lower the trajectory the more accurate the higher the trajectory the more distance.

Where do you set up on the course?    First thing that you need to do is make sure the course managers are OK with you having an ArmaLite15 golf ball launcher on the their course. We set up on a par 3  4 or par 5 preferably on the straightest hole on the course  away from any houses, roads or parking lots. The more isolated the  hole the better.

What does BallisticGolfTexas provide?  â€‹We provide a pop up canopy, table and blank ammo on the assigned hole. We ask you to reserve a golf cart for us to use on the hole to help spot and speed up the players.

Do you supply the golf balls?  Each player will provide his or her own golf ball to launch. We suggest using an old ball or one you got mad at that day.  As an option we will provide the balls for .75 cents each, let us know when booking the tournament.

Do you have Insurance?   Yes we are insured.

How do you raise funds?​   Most  tournaments will ask for $20 per shot or $80 per foursome. We leave this up to the tournament coordinator to decide on the donation. Another alternative is to add an amount that you determine, we suggest $20 to your mulligan package. Another option is to have one of the sponsors of the hole sponsor us for a flat rate and ask for donations at the hole and everyone shoots that wants to. 


Please reserve us a cart for each tournament, thank you